• Robert Morrison

CloudBudget 2.0 Summer 2020 Release Notes


  • Autocomplete panel allows to enter a value more conveniently

  • Excel import recognizes cell formulas

  • Advanced capabilities of Calculation rules

  • Currency component allows to work with Budget using the user's currency

  • Budget has both modes: Employee/Rate & Price/Quantity

Budget Sheet

  • Grouping by Accounts, SubAccounts, client analytics with and without Budgets

  • New Excel export format (each Budget on its own sheet)

Google Drive

  • Connecting with Google Drive using Named Credentials

  • Export/import of Budgets to/from Google Drive without using Excel

  • Uploading, downloading and deleting files to/from connected Google Drive

  • Each user have ability to connect different Google Drive account

Posting Rules

  • Cash Flow mode with customizable delay

  • Ability to post/unpost selected rules

  • Calculation Rules integrated

  • Hints, validations and miscellaneous tools to facilitate customization


  • Advanced capabilities for customizing fields

  • Ability to run batches of selected CBalance Rules

  • Additional information about the number and created date of CBalances

CB Reports

  • New optimized report engine

  • Report export to Excel & PDF

  • Reports are structured by folders

  • Report values depend on the user's currency

CB Report Configurator

  • New convenient and clear layout

  • Quick or improved report display

  • Column generator

  • Validation and minor improvements

FF Integration

  • Mapping analytics

  • Import Report

  • Validation and minor improvements


  • Org customization and transfer using an Excel file

  • Ability to make the Primary Document fields required or disabled

  • New Tag Set layout

  • Customizable Panel to run bundles of the batches to simplify the workflow and data update

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