CloudBudget is fantastic tool for creating and managing budgets and expenditures

We recently deployed CloudBudget as our budget forecasting and expense reporting tool at the Bill of Rights Institute. The CloudBudget team did a fantastic job customizing the tool for our needs and we now employ it for all of our budgeting activities but also all of our expense reporting and tracking. From invoices, to company credit cards, timecards, and revenue we now input and track all of it in CloudBudget. We are even running our invoice, timecard and expense report approval process through CloudBudget. It has become the primary input of data to our accounting team for the maintenance of our financial statements and gives our program managers the detailed view of expenditures they need to manage their programs. This tool has allowed us to move away from an Excel and Shared File folder driven process for budgeting and tracking expenditures which has saved us an enormous amount of time and improved the accuracy of our data immensely. Our staff’s response has been positive and enthusiastic across the board. The CloudBudget team was great to work with and they were tireless in their efforts to customize and deploy the system.

David Miller, the Devos Foundation

Great customer service supports a greatly needed tool


The folks at CloudBudget are great to work with, from the initial phone call inquiry into their product, to the installation and development of a custom environment for our work. Our work is not overly complicated, but we do have a particular group. CloudBudget guided us through the requirements gathering phase, taking great pangs to identify our special needs. They took the effort to understand our business processes and worked with our financial coordinator to create an environment that met our requirements and was also user friendly. Their turnaround on any identified issues or desired customization was very good. Communication was great throughout the project.

CloudBudget 2.0


We have been using CloudBudget for a couple of years now. We recently made the transition from CB 1.0 to CB 2.0. The customer support team has made the transition seamless and we have thoroughly enjoyed using CB 2.0. A normal budget process for us a couple of years ago use to take 3 to 6 months due to manual budgets and no comparison of actual versus budget. With CB 2.0, we have now cut down our budgeting time by months and are now able to compare actuals versus budgets within CB 2.0. Our company and executive management have continued to make many changes, one of which is how we are using CB 2.0. Our support team has always been willing to help us make the necessary changes we request from them. Typical response times from our support contact is within 10 to 20 minutes and resolution of changes we have requested is typically only a day or two. CB 2.0 has been a great tool for our company and would recommend to just about anybody.

Seven Alsene, TAFCares

Very cost effective and functional Salesforce-based budgeting application

We implemented CloudBudget for the 2021 budget cycle and we are very pleased thus far. The CloudBudget team was VERY responsive and great to work with. As one of CloudBudget's first clients on AccountingSeed, we worked closely with their technical team to ensure that the application was integrating smoothly and producing accurate results for our budget to actual comparisons. We also had numerous budget building requirements that were beyond what CloudBudget offered and they updated their application to include functionality to meet our requirements. We look forward to a long relationship with the CloudBudget team and highly recommend this application.

One of the better designed tools I have come across with Great Team


We implemented Cloud budget during our budgeting cycle and it was a very cost effective and well designed solution for the company. The tool works really well and it is quite simple and easy to use. The training and support offered by the CB Team is quite good and they were able to understand the business requirements and provide the solution with ease. It integrates really well with Salesforce. We are really happy with how the solution turned out for us. Thanks to the CB team.

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