About Us


Since 2010 CloudBudget experts have been assisting organizations of all sizes and types to better budget and plan. The problem we sought to solve and continue to confront is the spreadsheet-centric budgeting process too many organizations rely on despite the painful drawbacks. Our goal was to design a product that affordably leverages the strengths of Salesforce and the force.com platform to bring relief to organizations struggling with consolidation, workflow control, validation, permission control, reporting, integration and other basic budgeting needs that spreadsheet approaches make difficult.

Salesforce and the Force.com Platform

CloudBudget chose to become a Salesforce partner to align with the world's fasted growing and leading business management Cloud platform. The Salesforce force.com platform gave us the flexibility to easily integrate with other AppExchange business applications including Salesforce CRM to solve the common budgeting pain-points and to do so while bringing high value.


Our goal is to fill the gap between prohibitively expensive enterprise solutions and the high indirect costs associated with spreadsheet budgeting. We understand that many organizations use spreadsheets for planning because they have Excel at their finger tips and the use of it requires no additional direct cost. The resulting long and painful budgeting process often leads to the search for a solution, but alternatives traditionally have come with prohibitively high price tags. CloudBudget was built to addresses this issue with a scalable licensing model that results in a price point that simply makes sense.